Hey there, I'm Charles

If you're a curious human that loves to learn, laugh, and light up the world then you're in the right place.

Through podcasts, consulting, and eBooks, I'm bringing practical life advice, deep conversations, and plenty of laughs from my (mis)adventures as a Yoga teacher, improv comedian, and software engineer.

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and go all out

Start your day with Practically Useless, a quick and easy listen that mixes practical life advice and some fun, trivial (and totally useless) factoids!

Conversations include life hacks for higher productivity, deeper connections, optimal health, mindful living, and powerful tools and technologies. Hosted with love, sass, and plenty of laughs to get you inspired and smiling.

Available anywhere you get your podcasts (probably).

You can
always come Om

I teach a weekly Fun Flow class here in Tampa, Florida. Fun Flow is open to anyone at any level and will have you moving, laughing and dancing in no time!

Join me every Thursday at 6 PM, except for holidays in the nature classroom. This class does sell out from time to time, so book online or call ahead to save your spot.

If you want something just for you (and maybe your friends, family, or coworkers) I offer fun, inspired classes customized to your unique audience both on-location and online.

Get in touch to plan something today!

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