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There isn't a clear point in time when we can declare we are "officially grown up", and the same is true for leadership.
No title or tenure makes you a leader. You're a leader when people start to lean on you - ready or not.
This project is for those in (or aspiring to be in) that position as they learn to lead in an authentic, sustainable way.

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Some things I've been thinking on lately.

The Standup Guide

Done correctly, standups can both move your project forward and be a daily opportunity for your team to connect and celebrate

The Standup Playbook

How to find the most effective format for the challenges your team is facing today

The Retro Playbook

How to keep retros feeling fresh and hand-crafted for the moment your team is reflecting upon

Lead with Joy is a love letter to all the wonderful people
I've gotten to coach, manage, and mentor over the years.
I hope it keeps you company on your many adventures ahead.